Honestly, I think my dad makes me street smart, than the college and school combined. But then again  “college is for fun, not for learning” is what Elon Musk says. I say street smart because I ended up buying a book that costs around 900 INR for 140 INR (although it was an e-book whichContinue reading “Becoming…”

Pandemic: A test of time?

Two weeks of inactivity and yet managed to start writing something. That counts as progress, right? If you’re a new reader, Welcome to my blog. 🙂  (This is what I’m talking about: I hope ‘YOU’ reading this is safe, healthy and content amidst this pandemic and so many other things happening around this world.Continue reading “Pandemic: A test of time?”

Confidence vs Imposter Syndrome. Which one do you have?

I started out mytwocents for three simple reasons: To spread some insights on little known interesting things. To have a log of some of my favourite topics. To see the growth of my writing. I’ll leave you to judgement. Besides any creative writing, when I blog, I mostly include these minute details – ‘What isContinue reading “Confidence vs Imposter Syndrome. Which one do you have?”

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