Confidence vs Imposter Syndrome. Which one do you have?

I started out mytwocents for three simple reasons:

  1. To spread some insights on little known interesting things.
  2. To have a log of some of my favourite topics.
  3. To see the growth of my writing.

I’ll leave you to judgement. Besides any creative writing, when I blog, I mostly include these minute details – ‘What is it about? How does it matter? and Why am I writing about it?’ in no particular order. But when you dig(read) deeper, I assure you, you will find the answers to it.

Now that we are past the moment of truth, I’ll tell you why I’m telling this. Having confidence wasn’t always easy for me. Most of the times I achieved something, I believed it was because of sheer luck or someone’s bad luck. For example: Recently, I began getting views from different countries and I began thinking “Is something wrong with the wordpress algorithm?” Not so optimistic. I know. 

And so, I went and Googled. Yep, I googled, “Why do people doubt their accomplishment?”  at 2:33am.

It said, ‘Self doubt is an important part of success.’ There was a momentary happiness for a few seconds. Why just a few seconds you ask? I’ll tell you. Going deeper, I came across this term ‘Imposter Syndrome.’  That’s how the momentary happiness vanished into thin air. *evanesco* [Harry potter reference]

Imposter/Fraud syndrome is when a person doubts his/her accomplishment or thinks doesn’t deserve what they’ve got.  

They say confidence is the key to success, and I often think it only leads to, over confidence.  

Did you ever doubt yourself when you started something new or just moments after it came true?

Self doubting your actions/decisions/thoughts provides a room for growth and better insights. But what happens if you constantly doubt yourself over the things you’ve done and decisions you’ve taken?

You know better.  

Imposter syndrome is not because of low confidence or excessive humility.  It is associated with fear of failure and judgement. Let’s go deeper. What’s the root cause of this?

Low self confidence and self-esteem.  Fixing this would solve most of the problem.  Or, atleast I think it will.

Self-confidence is the belief that ‘I AM ABLE TO’ & Self-esteem is belief on identity ‘ I AM’


How do you silence that ‘voice of self doubt’ then?

  • Recognise the imposter feelings: You can’t change the things you don’t have control over.
  • Rewire the thought process into an action plan.
  • Find the reasons for the self doubt: sometimes it can be completely normal and logical to question the things you do. Do not go overboard.
  • Visualise your success: This is something I’ve always read in the books – It strengthens your belief system.
  • Talk: Talk to friends, family and people. Talk your emotions and yourself out of your pitfall(self doubt.)

You will always have your inner critique to protect yourself, don’t let it dominate you.

 If our passion and persistence are great enough, if chance rolls its impartial dice suitably enough – it is a portal to “a brave and starling truth.” ~Ann Druyan.

(and maybe that’s how the imposter feelings vanishes too.)

Published by Ranjani Ravi

Choosing progress over perfection.

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